Up, Down or Steady – What do Interest Rates Really Mean for Our Economy?

Up, Down or Steady – What do Interest Rates Really Mean for Our Economy?

June 20, 20191 min read

The heat was on Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell this week to lower interest rates coming out of the June meetings of the Fed.

He was under scrutiny from President Trump and others who share a growing worry that America’s economy could be slowing down and potentially turning toward recession.  An option that is neither appetizing for investors, the business community or politicians looking for positive messaging as an election looms in 2020.

Powell held the rates steady but there is massive speculation this will be for the last time and that rates will begin to be cut as of the next meeting of the Federal Reserve.

There are a lot of questions about interest rates and the economy:

  • How do rates encourage or dissuade investment and business?
  • How much of a rate cut will it take to impact the economy?
  • Do interest rates and the dollar go up and down in tandem?
  • And how independent is the Fed and who influences these decisions?

If you are covering, we can help.

Jeff Haymond, Ph.D. is Dean, School of Business Administration at Cedarville and is an expert in finance and trade.

Bert Wheeler, Ph.D. specializes in macroeconomics, international trade, economic development, and econometrics.

Jeff and Bert are both available to speak to media regarding the current trade war with China – simply click on either expert’s icon to arrange an interview.

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    Jeff Haymond, Ph.D. Dean, School of Business Administration/Associate Professor

    Research interests include economics and religion, as well as monetary theory

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