Big trouble for big pharma – let our expert explain

Big trouble for big pharma – let our expert explain

June 27, 20192 min read

Things are sunny and bright for the usually family-friendly image of Johnson & Johnson.

In fact, as more and more evidence and details are presented in a landmark lawsuit between the corporate giant and the State of Oklahoma.  The company could be facing financial calamity and its reputation might be a near impossible mission for any PR expert to recover.

As the state of Oklahoma’s multibillion-dollar lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson has unfolded over the past month, the company has struggled to explain marketing strategies its accusers say dangerously misrepresented the risk of opioid addiction to doctors, manipulated medical research, and helped drive an epidemic that has claimed 400,000 lives over the past two decades.

Johnson & Johnson profited further as demand for opioids surged by buying poppy growing companies in Australia to supply the raw narcotic for its own medicines and other American drug makers.

One expert witness at the forefront of combatting the epidemic, Dr Andrew Kolodny, told the court he had little idea about Johnson & Johnson’s role until he saw the evidence in the case.

“I think it’s fair to characterize Johnson & Johnson as a kingpin in our opioid crisis,” he said. – The Guardian, June 19

But what is next?

  • Will this lawsuit be duplicated in other states?
  • Are other big-pharma companies liable or in similar trouble?
  • And is this the gamechanger the industry needs?

There are a lot of questions and that’s where we can help.

Dr. Marc Sweeney is the Founding Dean of the School of Pharmacy at Cedarville University and is an expert in the fields of drug abuse, prescription drug abuse and Opioid addiction. Marc is available to speak with media regarding this growing issue. Simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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