Low Noise Amplifier Market

Low Noise Amplifier Market

July 24, 20191 min read

In March of 2018, Transparency Market Research published a report announcing that the worldwide low noise amplifier market is estimated to be worth US$ 7.9B by 2026.

The LNA industry is fragmented with the usual group of semiconductor companies. Circuit Seed is a new platform utilising the Complementary Current injection Field Effect Transistor (CiFET) for processing analog signals using 100% digital components. This allows you to build a low noise amplifier using only two CiFETs which can be perfectly tuned to a 50 or 100 ohm antenna by adjusting the i-ratio.

The power consumption is a fraction of traditional LNA devices, with a lower noise floor resulting in better range and lower SNR. The small size, less complexity and fewer BOM lowers the cost of the device. Circuit Seed is an ideal solution for low power LNAs.

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