Much ado about Mueller

Much ado about Mueller

July 29, 20191 min read

It was the testimony that had as much ramp up and hype as a Superbowl or a Star Wars movie. But last week, after Robert Mueller gave hours of testimony in front of lawmakers in Washington…not much has changed.

The Democrats are still crying for impeachment over the obvious intonations of collusion and cooperation with the Russians.

On the other side, the Republicans are calling it vindication – a truth they knew all along.

So, two years later and 16 months before the next election – where to know?

  • Is impeachment the right path for Democrats still looking for blood?
  • Do both sides need to focus on governing and ensuring the economy doesn’t turn?
  • Is it time no for policy and ideas as we all look towards 2020?

We are living in interesting times, and if you are a journalist covering this topic – let us help!

Mark Caleb Smith is the Director of the Center for Political Studies at Cedarville University. Mark is available to speak with media, simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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