Facebook Buys Startup Building Neural Monitoring Armband

Facebook Buys Startup Building Neural Monitoring Armband Facebook Buys Startup Building Neural Monitoring Armband

October 7, 20191 min read

Facebook has talked a lot about working on a non-invasive brain input device that can make things like text entry possible just by thinking. So far, most of the company’s progress on that project appears to be taking the form of university research that they’ve funded.  With this acquisition, the company appears to be working more closely with technology that could one day be productized.

Circuit Seed for continuous analog signal processing and Corelogika for discrete digital logic could greatly enhance the success of commercialization of Armband. These are building blocks to build low power high performance circuits that result in products that are smaller, very low power consumption, increased sensitivity and accuracy and they are insensitive to process variation and temperature that are challenges for other devices. Since they use standard CMOS digital processes with no extensions, the designs are less complex, fewer bill of materials resulting in lower cost, higher yields and better margins.

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