Boris, Brexit and What’s Next for Britain in 2020?

Boris, Brexit and What’s Next for Britain in 2020?

December 16, 20191 min read

A few short months ago, it looked as if Boris Johnson had accepted a fool’s role in becoming the third Prime Minister in four years.

He went all in, campaigned hard and wound up with a solid majority and a mandate to remove Britain from the European Union by the end of January 2020.

It’s been an astounding turn of events for a country that was left politically hamstrung and a Tory party seemingly lost at sea.


  • But what’s next for Britain and beyond?
  • What are the actual consequences to leaving the EU?
  • Has Britain just opened the door to other unhappy members who may be contemplating an exit?
  • And did Johnson’s opponents, the media and the public underestimate his political strength – and what lessons can be learned from it?


There are a lot of questions out there – and if you are covering, let our experts help with your stories.

Dr. Glen Duerr's research interests include comparative politics and international relations theory. Glen is available to speak to media regarding this topic– simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.


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  • Glen Duerr, Ph.D.
    Glen Duerr, Ph.D. Professor of International Studies

    Dr. Deurr's research interests include nationalism and secession, comparative politics, and international relations theory

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