A President is Impeached – Now What?

A President is Impeached – Now What?

December 20, 20191 min read

The numbers are in and for the third time in history – a sitting United States President has been impeached.

But now what?

There will be rhetoric, threats and predictions – but what is the process and what are the actual potential outcomes?

This is a serious issue, and not just for either political party, but for the government and country as well.

So, if you are covering – let one of the leading political experts in the country help with your stories.

Dr. Stephen Farnsworth is a sought-after political commentator on subjects ranging from presidential politics to the local Virginia congressional races. He has been widely featured in national media, including The Washington Post, Reuters, The Chicago Tribune and MSNBC.

He is author or co-author of six books on presidential communication. His latest work, "Presidential Communication and Character: White House News Management from Clinton and Cable to Twitter and Trump," examines how the last four U.S. presidents sell themselves and their policies in an ever-expanding and sometimes precarious media environment.

Dr. Farnsworth is available to speak with media – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview today.

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  • Stephen Farnsworth
    Stephen Farnsworth Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

    Dr. Farnsworth has spent decades researching how media and politics intersect. Check out his website at stephenfarnsworth.net.

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