Generalists and Specialists – Key Ingredients for an Innovation Ecosystem

Generalists and Specialists – Key Ingredients for an Innovation Ecosystem

January 9, 20201 min read

David Epstein describes in his book Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, the relationship between specialists and generalists. Specialists being the masters of depth while generalists integrate across a range of options and diverse applications. The combination of the two leads to powerful potential for innovation.

InventionShare seeks to create a similar relationship between inventors and corporations. Leveraging inventions that have very broad applicability, InventionShare systematically researches across many industries searching for businesses that are poised to leap forward with a strategic technology injection.

One such technology is called Circuit Seed which redefines analog electronic design with a new paradigm that enables configurable analog in a scalable digital format. This technology dramatically lowers the cost, power, noise and temperature thresholds enabling breakthrough advances in a diversity of applications such as:  automotive radar, Lab-on-a-chip and many more.

By applying Epstein’s principles, InventionShare through its unique business model, is creating an innovation ecosystem spanning many industries through partnership and collaboration.

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