The three-way tug-of war between China, Canada and the United States

The three-way tug-of war between China, Canada and the United States

January 22, 20201 min read

It’s a court trial in coastal Vancouver Canada that has gathered the attention of international media and plunged trade talks and international relations between America, China and America into tension, tariffs and a tug-of-war over one Chinese executive accused of fraud in in the United States.

Here’s brief background courtesy of BBC:

The Story in 100 Words

Why is the US targeting Huawei, one of the world's largest smartphone makers, and executive Meng Wanzhou?

Authorities claim they misled the US government about the company's business in Iran, which is under US economic sanctions.

The US is also pursuing Huawei and Ms Meng in criminal charges including bank fraud and theft of technology. Both reject the claims.

US officials want Ms Meng extradited from Canada to face the charges.

Her arrest caused a diplomatic dispute between China and the US and Canada.

The case against Huawei also comes as Western nations grow increasingly concerned about a possible spying risk related to the widespread adoption of the company's technology.

  • So, is there any diplomatic resolution?

  • What will happen if Meng Wanzhou is extradited to the United States?

  • What will happen if she can return to China?

  • Is Canada in a no - win situation?

There are a lot of questions – and that’s where our experts can help.

Dr. Glen Duerr's research interests include comparative politics, and international relations theory. Glen is available to speak to media regarding this topic– simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.

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