As Mayor Pete pops and Democrats feel the ‘Bern’ – is Biden a bust for the third time?

As Mayor Pete pops and Democrats feel the ‘Bern’ – is Biden a bust for the third time?

February 6, 20202 min read

As the results from Iowa seem to be still trickling in, it looks like it could be either a slim lead or even a pretty much statistical tie between Indiana’s (former) Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Both spent a lot of time, money and energy campaigning across Iowa and that seems to have paid off.

For Democratic candidate Joe Biden – it must feel like Groundhog Day. For the third time, his presidential bid that started with high hopes and promise seems to be crashing down in front of him.


And as the critical primary in New Hampshire approaches – there are a lot of questions to be asked as this once crowded field of close to two dozen might be down to four or even fewer.


  • Can Biden recover? With two losses in a row, can he sustain, and should he?

  • What about Elizabeth Warren? If her ‘plan’ can’t attract the support of even 15 percent of any primary, perhaps it’s back to the drawing board?

  • And what are the key differences between Buttigieg and Sanders? Which one has the upper hand with voters, organizers and finances?

  • Oh … and the legend of Michael Bloomberg and his gold-plated campaign team are reaching an almost legendary status. When is the time right for the former mayor of New York City and does he risk being too late to the game?


It is going to be a wild-ride for those who follow politics over the next few months and if you are a journalist covering this road to November – let our experts help.


Mark Caleb Smith is the Director of the Center for Political Studies at Cedarville University.

Mark and Marc are both available to speak with media regarding the DNC Primary and the upcoming election. Simply click on either icon to arrange an interview.

Dr. Marc Clauson is a professor of history and law at Cedarville and is an expert in the fields of political and economic philosophy. 

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    Marc Clauson, Ph.D. Professor of History and Law

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  • Mark Caleb Smith, Ph.D.
    Mark Caleb Smith, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science

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