MEDIA RELEASE: CAA supports Ontario government's focus to reform the towing industry

MEDIA RELEASE: CAA supports Ontario government's focus to reform the towing industry

June 29, 20201 min read

CAA South Central Ontario supports the Ontario government’s move to assemble a task force to review and reform the towing industry.

Changes to the towing industry is something that CAA has been advocating for over a decade and the task force announced today is a strong step in the right direction.

“There are a number of measures that will go a long way to restore motorist confidence and keep our roads safe across the province,” says Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice-president of government and community relations. “We would like to see a tow truck licensing system, clearer rules around consumer protection and the establishment of a body to oversee the industry.”

CAA has been actively working with stakeholders and government officials towards provincial oversight of the towing industry. Provincial oversight would provide consistent levels of training for operators, ensure the vitality of an essential service on Ontario roads and established penalties for those that do not follow the rules. It would also ensure consumers would have certainty when it comes to their towing services, regardless of when or where they require support.  

CAA is also advocating for the necessary regulation that would implement criminal background checks, discourage racing to accident scenes, charging consumers sky high towing bills, and fraud.

“For years now the towing industry has been plagued with unscrupulous drivers who take advantage of consumers in their most stressful times of need. Regulating the industry would enhance consumer protection for motorists,” adds Di Felice.


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  • Teresa Di Felice
    Teresa Di Felice Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations

    Teresa oversees CAA SCO's advocacy and community relations efforts in Ontario.

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