SD-WANs Rely on Physical Networks for QoS

SD-WANs Rely on Physical Networks for QoS SD-WANs Rely on Physical Networks for QoS

September 21, 20201 min read

Major vendors like Cisco and Google are building out their SD-WAN offerings to maximize service levels and security for customers looking for efficient and flexible access between end-users and cloud services. As Michael Cooney, Senior Editor at Network World writes in his article A new, joint Cisco and Google platform integrates Cisco's SD-WAN connectivity with applications on Google Cloud, "The platform also has the ability to divert traffic automatically to more highly available or better performing links should latency-sensitive applications require it."

This is a typical scenario that highlights that while SD-WANs strive to provide optimal connectivity between end-users and cloud services, the quality of experience is still determined by the underlying physical networks. To address this dependency, next generation networks such as AcceleRoute offer highly predictable end-to-end bandwidth and latency. This is achieved through a bufferless architecture that eliminates congestion in the network core. AcceleRoute makes an ideal pairing with SD-WANs by delivering consistently superior service levels regardless of traffic and geography.

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