Taking SD-WAN QoS to the Next Level

Taking SD-WAN QoS to the Next Level

October 6, 20202 min read

Backhauling traffic to a corporate data center has been a defacto approach for ensuring full security treatment across all users and applications. But QoS took a hit when services started moving to the cloud. Michael Cooney, Senior Editor at Network World describes how SD-WANs have provided a solution for that in his article entitled "Fannie Mae’s journey to SD-WAN means less reliance on MPLS and VPNs."  In that article, Ken Reddick, Director of Network Engineering at Fannie Mae says “What we are moving to is a cloud-edge environment where user traffic is now sent directly where it needs to go without hitting the data center, and what that has brought us is a four-fold increase in network performance and cut latency by 50%.”

SD-WANs are providing a valuable new approach for delivering optimal connectivity between end-users and cloud services, however QoS is still ultimately determined by the underlying physical networks. To take QoS to the next level will require a next generation physical network that is designed to deliver highly predictable end-to-end bandwidth and ultra-low latency. Network designs such as AcceleRoute achieve this through a bufferless architecture that eliminates congestion in the network core. Low latency bandwidth can be dynamically scaled up or down in real-time based on traffic load. Networks such as AcceleRoute provide an ideal underlay network option for SD-WANs by delivering consistently superior service levels regardless of traffic and geography

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