Political playoffs – if you are covering the run-off election in Georgia, let our experts help.

Political playoffs – if you are covering the run-off election in Georgia, let our experts help.

January 4, 20212 min read

It’s a political junkie’s dream. After a drawn-out and contentious presidential election – the question over who will hold the balance of power in Washington now rests in two Georgia senate races that have each gone into overtime.

There’s a lot on the line for both parties and especially President-elect Biden, who faces high expectations from not just Americans, but from various factions across the broad spectrum of the Democratic party who feel owed for their part in narrowly defeating President Donald Trump.

In the final push before the crucial Georgia U.S. Senate run-offs on Tuesday, Republicans and Democrats share this closing message: The stakes can’t be any higher, and the fate of each party’s agenda rests on the two races.

Incumbent GOP Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face respective challenges from Democrats Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock. The races will decide which party controls the Senate, and thus, the extent to which Democratic President-elect Joe Biden can enact his legislative priorities.

“The future of the country is on the ballot here in Georgia,” Loeffler told Fox News on Tuesday.

If at least one Republican candidate wins their race, the GOP will maintain control of the upper chamber. If Ossoff and Warnock win, the Democratic caucus and GOP would each have 50 members, giving Vice President-elect Kamala Harris the tiebreaking vote. January 04 - CNBC

If you’re a journalist covering Tuesday’s run-offs, then get in touch with our experts to help with your questions and stories.

Dr. Rosalyn Cooperman, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington and member of Gender Watch 2018, is an expert on women in politics.

Dr. Cooperman is available to speak to media – simply click on her icon to arrange an interview today.

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