Villanova Expert Reflects on Historic Number of Golden Globe-Nominated Female Directors

Villanova Expert Reflects on Historic Number of Golden Globe-Nominated Female Directors

February 22, 20212 min read

For the first time in the Golden Globes Awards’ history, three women were nominated for best director. "We went from barely getting one in a category, to a majority," said Teresa Boyer, EdD, founding director of Villanova University's Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership.

But why are we seeing this change in narrative in 2021?

"One wonders if this is in response to the pushback from so many past years, a growth in dogged pursuit of success of the women in the field or a change in both how we may have viewed movies and television in the past year," said Dr. Boyer. "While likely all of the above, one would think that the way we viewed our screen-based entertainment, with the majority being streaming activities, might have allowed audiences to explore films they would not have been as likely to pursue in the traditional 'group-goes-to-a-theater' method."

Not only is there more to watch using streaming services, but online platforms could also allow for more diversity in options.

"When we have the opportunity to choose anything we like, without being beholden to others in our social groups, we may find that the directors’ lenses are a better match to those of their audience."

Increased options could also help more people see themselves represented on screen.

"There is a reason why we say, 'representation matters.' For young women and people of color with an interest in the field, being able to see people who look like them lauded in the most highly prized mainstream award ceremonies sends the message that they too are welcome... and their leadership potential is not limited. It may also open the eyes of their peers and others in the field who previously discounted the value of their work and potential based solely on their perceptions of who should be making films."

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