Marijuana law scholar on legalization in New York

Marijuana law scholar on legalization in New York

March 26, 20211 min read

Robert Mikos, professor of law, is available for commentary on the legalization of recreational marijuana in New York.

Professor Mikos is one of the nation’s leading experts on federalism and drug law. His most recent scholarship analyzes the struggle among federal, state and local governments for control of marijuana law and policy, which includes a first-of-its-kind casebook, Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority.

He has written, testified and lectured on:

  • States’ constitutional authority to legalize marijuana
  • Federal preemption of state marijuana regulations
  • Political and budgetary considerations that limit enforcement of the federal marijuana ban
  • Federal law’s influence on state regulation and taxation of the marijuana industry
  • Desirability of marijuana localism

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  • Robert  Mikos
    Robert Mikos Professor of Law

    Expert in federalism and drug law, including marijuana legalization.

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