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Experts (47)

Hiba  Baroud

Hiba Baroud

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Expert in risk, reliability and resilience of critical infrastructure against climate change and natural disasters, particularly flooding.

Climate Change Flood Mitigation Natural Disasters Resilience modeling Interdependent Systems Data Analytics Critical Infrastructure Modeling Risk Analysis Risk-informed decision analysis Statistical Modeling climate and climate change Disaster Recovery Flooding

Melinda  Beeuwkes Buntin

Melinda Beeuwkes Buntin

Mike Curb Professor of Health Policy

Expert in health policy, particularly insurance and health care financing issues.

State and Local Health Policy Payment Reform Medicare Health Economics Health Care Spending Medicaid Insurance

Jeffrey Bennett

Jeffrey Bennett

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Medical humanities expert who specializes in health, citizenship, LGBT/queer studies, cultural studies and rhetorical theory and criticism.

Queer Healthcare Queer vernacular LGBTQ Health HIV Prevention HIV & AIDS PrEP Diabetes Rhetoric and HIV Rhetoric and Disease Rhetoric of Diabetes Management Rhetoric Medical Humanities

James  Blumstein

James Blumstein

University Professor of Constitutional Law and Health Law and Policy

National expert in healthcare law and policy, Constitutional law and voting rights

Constitutional Law Health Law Public Policy

Erin Calipari

Erin Calipari

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Expert in the neuroscience of mental illness and addiction, including gender differences.

maladaptive processes neural signals Pharmacology associative learning Addictive Behavior Brain Neuroscience Addiction Opiods Medicine and Drugs Brain Behavior Addiction and Recovery Dopamine self-administered drugs adaptive processes

Janey  Camp

Janey Camp

Research Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Expert on climate change and interactions of nature and infrastructure.

Global Warming Land use GIS Precipitation Stem Flooding flood management STEM education in high schools Infrastructure management Hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling Climate change and the impact on flooding GIS for demographic studies Risk Management Climate change adaptation Human Behavior floods coastal flooding Environment Infrastructure STEM curriculum Climate Change

Ken Catania

Ken Catania

Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences

Expert on sensory systems' impact on animal behavior, particularly naked mole rats, star-nosed moles, cockroaches and eels.

spatial maps rodents Biological Sciences neural processing mammals Nature star-nose mole naked mole rats Animal Behavior Eels Cockroaches Moles Animal sensory systems star-nosed mole electric eels Evolution visual cortex evolution of mammals Foraging sensory cortex

Amanda Clayton

Amanda Clayton

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Expert in gender and politics, with a focus on the impact of women legislators and candidates and public perception of women leaders.

Political Institutions gender quotas Gender Political Methodology Gender and Politics Comparative Politics Public Policy female leaders Women in Politics

Ellen Clayton

Ellen Clayton

Craig-Weaver Professor of Pediatrics; Professor of Law; Professor of Health Policy

World-renowned medical ethicist working at the intersection of law, medicine and public health, with a focus on genetics.

Gender and the Law Legal and Ethical Issues in Children's and Women's Health Research Ethics Genetics and Health Policy Medical Ethics General Pediatrics Gene Editing Genetic Privacy Biomedical Ethics and Law Legal and Ethical Issues Raised by Genetics Genetics Public Health Law Family Law

Josh Clinton

Josh Clinton

Abby and Jon Winkelried Professor of Political Science

Polling expert who uses statistical methods to explain political processes. Co-directs the Vanderbilt Poll.

Voters Tennessee politics Polling American Politics Political polls Political Climate in Tennessee Political Methodology Public Opinion Voter Behavior and Attitudes

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