MEDIA RELEASE: CAA supports provincial efforts to move Ontarians more safely

MEDIA RELEASE: CAA supports provincial efforts to move Ontarians more safely

April 26, 20212 min read

CAA South Central Ontario supports today’s provincial announcement of the Moving Ontarians More Safely & Towing and Storage Safety and Enforcement Act, 2021. The proposed legislation is an important step toward addressing the needs and challenges experienced by both motorists and the towing industry.

“CAA is pleased that provincial legislation to govern the towing industry looks to address the most pressing issues related to safety and consumer confidence,” says Teresa Di Felice, AVP government and community relations, CAA SCO. “Provincial oversight should provide consistent levels of training for operators, create standards for this important service on Ontario roads and establish tough penalties for those who do not follow the rules.”

One element highlighted in today’s announcement is the introduction of a tow truck licensing system.

“CAA’s research on this demonstrates that motorists expect their tow operators to be provincially licensed and qualified to perform towing services safely,” adds Di Felice.

The tougher enforcement measures for stunt driving are also welcome. Since the COVID-19 lockdown measures first began in March 2020, police have seen a significant surge in speeding and street racing—both of which can have serious consequences.

“The dangerous driving behaviours that we have seen over the past year highlights the need for increased measures, education and enforcement. The proposed changes will help to continue making Ontario’s streets some of the safest in North America,” adds Di Felice.

A study commission by CAA SCO in March highlighted that 74 per cent of drivers agree that stricter penalties and increased fines would discourage drivers from performing stunts or driving aggressively.

CAA believes that safer streets for all Ontarians are possible. This new proposed legislation will not only bring clarity for consumers when requesting towing services, the tougher penalties for stunt driving will help to curb the impulse to speed or drive dangerously.

The study was conducted between March 15th to 22nd, 2021, among a sample of 1,504 Ontario driver’s license (G, G2 or G1) holders, have access to a vehicle and are part of the Asking Canadians’ research panel. The study was conducted through online surveys. A probabilistic sample of a similar size would have a margin of error of plus or minus 3%, 19 times out of 20.

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