Scarcity expert on gas shortage and panic buying

Scarcity expert on gas shortage and panic buying

May 12, 20211 min read

Kelly Goldsmith, associate professor of marketing, is available for commentary on the gasoline shortage and panic buying/hoarding.

Goldsmith is a former Survivor contestant, which influenced her research into consumer behavior in the wake of scarcity. She is an expert in how people think and act when faced with limited availability of what they need and how they perceive competition when it comes to purchasing items that are in limited supply.

She can discuss:

  • The types of consumers that tend to buy up and hoard all available stock, therefore leaving none for others
  • How and why consumers become selfish in a situation where access to desired goods is limited
  • Making a plan when it comes to purchasing what you need and how to keep your cool in the demanding, stressful environment

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  • Kelly  Goldsmith
    Kelly Goldsmith Professor of Marketing

    Expert in marketing, market research, and consumer behavior focusing on the impact of scarcity and sales on shoppers' mindsets.

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