Why is the FDA funded in part by the companies it regulates?

Why is the FDA funded in part by the companies it regulates?

May 13, 20211 min read

In a recent piece published in The Conversation, C. Michael White, Distinguished Professor and head of the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the University of Connecticut shares his perspective on the Food and Drug Administration and its past and current role and influence in America.

“The Food and Drug Administration has moved from an entirely taxpayer-funded entity to one increasingly funded by user fees paid by manufacturers that are being regulated. Today, close to 45% of its budget comes from these user fees that companies pay when they apply for approval of a medical device or drug.

As a pharmacist and medication and dietary supplement safety researcher, I understand the vital role that the FDA plays in ensuring the safety of medications and medical devices.

But I, along with many others, now wonder: Was this move a clever win-win for the manufacturers and the public, or did it place patient safety second to corporate profitability? It is critical that the U.S. public understand the positive and negative ramifications so the nation can strike the right balance.”

May 13 - The Conversation

The entire piece is a captivating read and a remarkably interesting topic with regards to accountability, transparency, and the influence big pharma holds across many levels of the United States government.

And if you are a journalist looking to cover this topic, then let us help. Dr. White is available to speak with media -- click on his icon now, to arrange an interview today.

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  • C. Michael  White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP
    C. Michael White, Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP Head and Distinguished Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

    Dr. White’s research interests are in drug, dietary supplement, and illicit drug safety, quality, and cost

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