As Afghanistan falls – what comes next?

As Afghanistan falls – what comes next? As Afghanistan falls – what comes next?

August 16, 20211 min read

After 20 years of war, trillions spent and thousands of casualties, the Taliban claimed control over most of Afghanistan this weekend with little resistance, just a few weeks after withdrawal of American and allied forces. And questions are already being raised:

  • How could this have happened so quickly?
  • Did no one see this coming?
  • What revenge and havoc will the ruling Taliban seek on those who assisted coalition forces?
  • What will happen to the Afghan refugees who are attempting to flee the country?
  • And sadly, was this all for nothing?

There will be a lot of coverage as the future unfolds for the people of Afghanistan and how the Taliban’s control will reshape the country and the region. And if you are a reporter covering this ongoing topic – then let us help.

University of Mary Washington Political Science and International Affairs Professor Jason Davidson is an expert in American foreign and security policy, and international security. He is also the author of the Brown and Boston universities commissioned study, "The Costs of War to United States Allies Since 9/11," which focuses extensively on the contribution of America's allies in Afghanistan. If you’re looking to arrange an interview with Dr. Davidson, simply click on his icon now to arrange an interview today.

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