Vaccinating kids – Augusta University experts are ready to help with your questions and keep parents informed

Vaccinating kids – Augusta University experts are ready to help with your questions and keep parents informed

November 4, 20212 min read

As America continues down the long road of adapting, adjusting, and advancing safety efforts in order to overtake COVID 19 – vaccinations have now been approved for children five and older.

It’s welcome news for health care experts and epidemiologists – but there’s no doubt this most recent development has parents concerned about the safety and potential consequences children could face if they roll up their sleeves to get immunized.

Since this next step was announced, it’s gotten the attention of media and parents from across the country. Augusta University experts have been front and center to help with the messaging.

The vaccine rollout for kids ages 5 to 11 starts now. Right now, local hospitals and pediatric offices are working to get doses to the river region.

For the past nine months, we’ve seen different rollouts for different age groups come through Augusta University Health’s mass vaccination site. AU Health says it’s still up in the air right now whether this will be the main site you’ll bring your kids to get vaccinated.

But what we do know is that 1,200 doses are on the way.

“Every single individual has been paramount in this response,” said Dr. Joshua Wyche, AU vaccine coordinator.

AU Health officials say they aren’t even close to accomplishing their mission to get everyone vaccinated.

“We’re very fortunate to have caregivers that care so much about their community that want to make this impact and continue to push through during this pandemic,” Wyche said. November 03 - WRDW/WAGT Augusta

An update from the CDC: kids can start rolling up their sleeves to get their COVID-19 vaccine. This means nearly 30 million American children ages five to 11 are now eligible for the vaccine. That's a little under 1 million in Georgia and 450,000 in South Carolina.

But some parents still have concerns about the vaccine's safety.

“For the vast majority of people and for parents as they’re looking for how they can protect they’re children best from COVID-19, having access to the vaccine now gives them another tool to protect their child,” says Augusta University Strategic Planning & Pharmacy VP Dr. Joshua Wyche. November 03 – Fox News

Child vaccinations are an important topic – and it is essential that accurate details and information are shared with media and parents across the country, and that’s where Augusta’s experts can help.

Dr. Joshua Wyche is accomplished pharmacist with an extensive background in business management. He is an expert in strategic planning and pharmacy services.

Dr. Wyche is available to speak with media regarding this important topic – simply click on his icon now to arrange an interview today.

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