New £2.8 million MRI scanner installed at Aston Institute of Health and Neurodevelopment

New £2.8 million MRI scanner installed at Aston Institute of Health and Neurodevelopment

November 15, 20212 min read

Installation of a new £2.8 million MRI scanner is due to start at Aston University in the Institute of Health and Neurodevelopment (IHN) to replace the existing ageing unit in the Day Hospital on campus.

The state-of-the-art facility will be installed over a period of four months, including work being undertaken to remove the old machine from the building. This will involve several complex crane lifts outside the Day Hospital to remove the existing scanner. The internal spaces will then be refurbished before the new scanner is lifted into the building in February 2022.

The new Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma 3T MRI scanner will enhance the world-class neuroimaging research facilities within the Institute.

Currently Aston University researchers use advanced neuroimaging techniques to discover biomarkers of brain health in children with neurological disease.

By detecting those biomarkers, researchers are able to determine those who are at risk of longer term poor cognitive, behavioural and health outcomes with the goal/vision of providing early support to those children who need it most.

The new scanner will also enable the Institute to provide the most recent innovations in MRI for patients visiting through the clinical service: Aston University Imaging. Patients visiting for MRI scans come through private referrals, as well as from local institutions such as the Birmingham Royal Ballet and Aston Villa football club.

Professor Jackie Blissett, co-director, Aston Institute of Health and Neurodevelopment (IHN), said: “The installation of our new MRI scanner is tremendously exciting. This state-of-the-art equipment is core to our child-focused research programme that delivers a new understanding of development and disease and the interventions that will make a difference.”

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  • Jackie Blissett
    Jackie Blissett Professor of Psychology

    Professor Blissett has a interest in children’s fussy eating including poor fruit and vegetable acceptance, emotional eating, and obesity.

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