The Metaverse will change everything!

The Metaverse will change everything!

April 14, 20221 min read

It will change how we interact. How we consume information. How we have fun. What devices we use. And underlying all of that is networking. And that will change too. "IT infrastructure that powers the Internet will need major upgrades to bring the Metaverse from theory to practice, according to Raja Koduri, SVP and GM of Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics at Intel. “(The metaverse will) need several orders of magnitude more powerful computing capability, accessible at much lower latencies across a multitude of device form factors. To enable these capabilities at scale, the entire plumbing of the internet will need major upgrades.”

Metaverse quality of experience will be intimately tied to networking performance, and latency will be key. Delivering an "instantaneous" Metaverse experience will require a next generation physical network that is designed to deliver highly predictable end-to-end bandwidth with ultra-low latency. "Zero-hop" network designs such as AcceleRoute can achieve this through a bufferless architecture that delivers latency approaching that of direct links while eliminating congestion in the network core.

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