Metaverse...have you met AcceleRoute?

Metaverse...have you met AcceleRoute?

May 11, 20222 min read

The Internet is a testament to the power of evolution. But there's a bigger picture looming. A discontinuity. Driven by a new breed of application environments including the Metaverse, multi-player gaming, VR and more. Will this drive the need for a "new Internet"? Many believe, as a minimum, networking will need a serious upgrade. Moore's Law can cover us for throughput for awhile, but latency is a different story. The speed of light creates the limit. No getting around that. There is only one solution. Park the services closer to the users. And that ushers in a new architectural paradigm in the form of Edge Data Centers. Those facilities will operate in global federations, serving tight geographies while hot-syncing with each other. A tidy solution. Job done, right? Not so fast.

If people only cared about what and who is geographically close to them, we might be ok. Remember we need to park the services AND THE DATA close to the users. We're not talking about old slow data like websites, but the fast stuff like fast-twitch gaming, or VR, or avatar movements in the Metaverse. How can a byte in Tokyo stay in "white-hot" sync with a byte in London? Predictive caching, that's how. The new frontier. The geography-buster. Let's say you’re VR-interacting with someone across the planet, there will be a lag. It won't feel real. But what if the application servers use laws of physics to predict far-end movement for local render, with algorithms to reconcile laggy incoming real-position data. Done right, that might feel real. Take that example and scale it in all directions. That's the future. Can incrementally-evolved networks handle that? Its anybody's guess what the future of networking will look like but let's try anyway.

Some believe this brave new application world will be the catalyst for significant infrastructure change. Not the " N+1" kind, but the "all-new" kind. The kind we thought we'd never need because incremental upgrades were getting it done. But that was before the Metaverse discontinuity.

AcceleRoute is a forward-thinking next-generation network architecture designed for this category of challenge. All-new thinking. Designed from the ground up around a bufferless core architecture, AcceleRoute achieves network throughput and latency on a scale not seen before. Bufferless means no hops. Essentially an endless supply of instantly provisioned virtual direct links, each with as much dynamic bandwidth as needed at any point in time. Incorporating novel paradigms like network fusion and expansion by constellations, AcceleRoute can scale to new orders of magnitude, all while embracing absolute simplicity for network control and management. An infinitely-expandable network, based on new principles, that can glue CPUs/DPUs/GPUs to globalized data with one seamless fabric.

Perhaps a full AcceleRoute solution won't be required, but it’s likely the pursuit of network optimizations will be relentless. AcceleRoute represents 2 decades of invention embodied by 36 patents with over 700 claims and more on the way. That's a massive starting position for anyone playing the long game.

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