Addiction expert on FDA plan to lower nicotine levels

Addiction expert on FDA plan to lower nicotine levels

June 22, 20221 min read

Erin Calipari, assistant professor of pharmacology, is available for media commentary on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s plans for a proposed rule to require companies to lower the nicotine levels in cigarettes.

Erin is lead researcher at the Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research, and her research focuses on the neuroscience behind addiction. She can speak to how the brain gets addicted to substances and the many ways in which addiction takes a toll on the human body, as well as nicotine dosing.

Much of Erin's research also focuses on gender differences in addiction and the need to understand female-specific factors that contribute to Substance Use Disorder.

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  • Erin Calipari
    Erin Calipari Associate Professor of Pharmacology

    Expert in the neuroscience of mental illness and addiction, including gender differences.

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