What happens when the human body gets too hot?

What happens when the human body gets too hot?

July 25, 20221 min read

What happens when the human body gets too hot? And what can you do if someone gets too hot? Douglas Casa, professor of kinesiology and chief executive officer of UConn’s Korey Stringer Institute – a leading authority on research, advocacy, and education about exertional heat stroke – explains in this edition of UConn Science in Seconds.

The Korey Stringer Institute at UConn was established in honor of the Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Korey Stringer, who passed away from exertional heat stroke in 2001.

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Douglas Casa is an expert on athletic training, heat illness, and hydration. Dr. Casa is available to speak with media about this topic. Simply click on his icon now to arrange an interview today.

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  • Douglas J.  Casa, Ph.D.
    Douglas J. Casa, Ph.D. CEO-Korey Stringer Institute, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, Department of Kinesiology

    Focused on prevention of sudden death in sport, exertional heat stroke, wearable technologies, hydration, and performance in the heat

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