Episode 14| CorpusCast with Dr Robbie Love

Episode 14| CorpusCast with Dr Robbie Love

February 15, 20231 min read

CorpusCast is the podcast about corpus linguistics and what it can do for society.

Join Dr Robbie Love as he speaks with top researchers in the field to find out more about how corpus linguistics – the study of linguistic patterns in large samples of language – is applied to a diverse range of areas including health, social justice and education.

On this episode of CorpusCast, Robbie chats to Professor Bas Aarts.

Bas is director of the Survey of English Usage, an internationally recognised and highly regarded centre of excellence for research in the area of English Language and Linguistics.

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  • Dr Robbie Love
    Dr Robbie Love Lecturer, Languages and Applied Linguistics

    Dr Love's research harnesses technology to better understand how people use language and help people to communicate more effectively.

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