Aston University professor elected Fellow of Royal Microscopical Society

Aston University professor elected Fellow of Royal Microscopical Society

March 8, 20232 min read
  • Professor Igor Meglinski is a physicist, scientist and biomedical engineer
  • He pioneered the application of circularly polarised light for cancer detection
  • His research is at the interface of physics, optics and imaging modalities.

Igor Meglinski, professor of mechanical, biomedical and design engineering in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Aston University, has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS).

Professor Meglinski is a physicist, scientist, and biomedical engineer whose research interests are at the interface between modern physics, optics and imaging modalities, focusing on the exploration of novel photonics-based phenomena and their implementation to practical applications in medicine, biology, life sciences and health care industries.

Among other achievements, Professor Meglinski pioneered the application of circularly polarised light for cancer detection. best known for his development of fundamental studies and translation research dedicated to imaging of cells and biological tissues utilising polarised light, dynamic light scattering and computational imitation of light propagation within complex tissue-like scattering medium.

His current research projects include the application of coherent polarised light for cancer diagnosis, functional imaging of blood and lymph flows, neuroimaging and brain malformation studies.

He is also exploring human visual perception of polarised light and helical wave fronts, the fundamentals of shaped light with orbital angular momentum and quantum entanglements transfer in turbid tissue-like scattering medium, screening of cells, cell’s organelles and cells interaction.

He has authored and co-authored more than 400 scientific papers and presented over 800 presentations at major international conferences in the field, including over 200 keynote and plenary talks and invited lectures.

The Royal Microscopical Society is a learned society dedicated to the promotion and development of microscopy and imaging. Its members come from a wide range of backgrounds, including undergraduates, research students, users of microscopy in industry and academia, microscopy manufacturers and suppliers and research leaders in their various fields within the biological and physical sciences.

Professor Igor Meglinski said: “I was delighted to be invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society.

“It is always a pleasure to be recognised for your work, such as my recent research which could provide a more accurate method of blood flow diagnosis in skin to help people with diabetes.”

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