Optometry professor recognised for excellence in research at awards ceremony

Optometry professor recognised for excellence in research at awards ceremony

March 10, 20232 min read

  • Professor James Wolffsohn recognised for research excellence at London awards ceremony
  • Professor Wolffsohn specialises in myopia management, dry eye disease and contact lenses research
  • Excellence in eye care event is hosted by the Association of Optometrists.

A world leading optometrist from Aston University has been recognised for his research excellence in the field of optometry specialising in myopia management, dry eye disease and contact lenses research.

Professor James Wolffsohn was the recipient of the Recognising Research Excellence award on Sunday (26 February) at the Excellence in eye care event in London - hosted by the Association of Optometrists.

Professor Wolffsohn, who is also the head of the School of Optometry said: “I was very surprised and truly honoured. It is lovely to have my research recognised.”

“I have always been driven by wanting to know more. I think research is important because you want healthcare professionals to be working at the cutting edge and using techniques that are proven to work without bias.”

James’s first experience of research occurred during his pre-reg placement at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

He said: “They had a project on automatic teller machines – bank machines were fairly new and we were working for a major bank on the optimum colour combinations for people with visual impairment.”

James went on to complete his doctorate in ocular motor research at Cardiff University, before travelling to Australia to work as a researcher at the University of Melbourne.

During this time, Professor Wolffsohn continued to work in practice and would fly into the outback to provide low vision services to remote communities.

Since returning to Aston University in 2000, he has worked in a variety of different academic roles – including as head of department across three different disciplines.

“I will rarely turn down a collaborative proposal if there is an opportunity to make a difference to evidence-based clinical practice,” Wolffsohn said.

James is also passionate about ensuring that scientific discoveries result in tangible change for patients. Three spin-out companies have been developed on the basis of research he has contributed to at Aston University.

Alongside research and academic roles, Professor Wolffsohn continues to work a half-day in clinic each week.

He has also played an influential role in spearheading consensus among the profession on evolving scientific fields, from myopia management to dry eye disease. James led the diagnostic committee for the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society DEWS II report and chaired the Contact Lens Evidence-based Academic reports of the British Contact Lens Association.

For more information about the School of Optometry and the Vision Sciences Research Group please visit our website.

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  • James Wolffsohn
    James Wolffsohn Professor and Head of Optometry

    Professor Wolffsohn's research areas are the development and evaluation of ophthalmic instrumentation, contact and intraocular lenses.

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