MEDIA RELEASE: CAA Worst Roads Campaign marks 20 Years of Driving Change in Ontario

MEDIA RELEASE: CAA Worst Roads Campaign marks 20 Years of Driving Change in Ontario

March 28, 20232 min read

The annual CAA Worst Roads advocacy campaign is marking its 20th year of influencing change. For the past two decades, the campaign has given decision-makers a snapshot of the roads that the public perceives as not meeting their expectations.

“Our research tells us that 85 per cent of Ontarians are concerned about the state of our roads,” says Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president of government and community relations, CAA SCO. “Due to inflation, consumers are being more mindful of their purchases, and people are opting to hold on to their cars for longer instead of buying a new one. Funding for roadway improvements and proper infrastructure needs to be consistent to ensure that quality and safety are maintained.”

CAA’s research also indicates that over half of CAA members (59 per cent) say Ontario’s roads have worsened. Drivers often alter their driving behaviour to accommodate road issues. Many of them – two-thirds (66 per cent) of Ontarians – are slowing down for bad spots on the road or swerving to avoid potholes.

We also know that many people are frustrated with Ontario's roads (78 per cent) and often express their dissatisfaction to their loved ones or colleagues instead of government officials. The CAA Worst Roads campaign allows all road users in Ontario to vote for roads that they think need urgent repair.

Since 2003, 114 roads in Ontario have appeared on the provincial Top 10 list, of which governments have prioritized some of the roads for repair.

In 2022, Barton Street East in Hamilton, Ontario, secured the top spot on the provincial Worst Roads list. Shortly after the 2022 Worst Road reveal, the City of Hamilton announced a multi-year, multi-phase reconstruction of the beleaguered Hamilton route scheduled to begin late last year.

Other roads, such as Plank Road in Sarnia, Victoria Road in Prince Edward County, Lauzon Parkway in Windsor, and Bell Farm Road in Barrie, have also undergone significant repairs after appearing on the provincial Top 10 Worst Roads list.

“The campaign has demonstrated that decision-makers are paying attention to the results, which has prompted municipal officials to move up infrastructure projects in their communities,” says Di Felice.

The CAA Worst Roads campaign calls on all Ontarians to vote for their Worst Road today and join the community of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians committed to improving Ontario’s roads.

Ontarians can vote for their worst road at

Watch Teresa Di Felice, Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations for CAA SCO answers questions regarding the annual CAA Worst Roads Campaign:

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