Expert comment on new NHS childhood obesity clinics

Expert comment on new NHS childhood obesity clinics

June 14, 20231 min read

Dr Duane Mellor, Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Health & Society Aston Medical School and Associate Dean Public Engagement is available for comment on new NHS childhood obesity clinics 

"It would be about supporting the whole person living with obesity alongside their family. It is important that higher body weight is not a choice, but the result of biology and our modern environment. Families and young people need support to make healthier lifestyle choices easier. We need to focus on kind and effective ways to improve health, weight change is just a product when health behaviours change and should not be seen as the only or main aim."

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  • Dr Duane Mellor
    Dr Duane Mellor Visiting Academic

    Dr Mellor is an award-winning dietitian, science communicator, medical educator and researcher.

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