CorpusCast with Dr Robbie Love: Dr Miloš Jakubíček on Sketch Engine

CorpusCast with Dr Robbie Love: Dr Miloš Jakubíček on Sketch Engine

August 3, 20232 min read

The latest episode of the Aston Originals podcast, CorpusCast with Dr Robbie Love, offers listeners a peek into the remarkable evolution of Sketch Engine, the ground-breaking corpus query and management system developed by Lexical Computing.

In this episode, Dr Miloš Jakubíček, the CEO of Lexical Computing, takes centre stage to narrate the fascinating journey of Sketch Engine. As an accomplished NLP researcher and software engineer, Dr Jakubíček’s profound expertise in the intersection of corpus linguistics, computational linguistics and lexicography promises to unravel the story behind one of the most widely used and celebrated corpus platforms in existence.

For over 20 years, Sketch Engine has been a cornerstone of research in various domains, including lexicography, language learning and, naturally, corpus linguistics. This episode delves into the origins of Sketch Engine, tracing its growth from its inception to its current status as a trusted companion of linguists, researchers and language enthusiasts worldwide.

Listeners will get an insider's perspective on the monumental impact of Sketch Engine in processing vast text corpora and deciphering morphologically rich languages. Dr Jakubíček sheds light on the tool's pivotal role in advancing research in these areas, reflecting on its dynamic journey from conception to its position as a game-changing resource for language professionals.

Meanwhile Dr Love is thrilled to present this engaging episode, which coincides with the announcement made at the recent Corpus Linguistics Conference. With excitement resonating in his voice, Dr Love shared that Aston University, alongside Birmingham City University and the University of Birmingham, will co-host the upcoming Corpus Linguistics Conference in 2025. This exciting news, revealed during the conference in Lancaster, promises to gather linguists, researchers and enthusiasts in Birmingham for an event that is expected to be a milestone in the world of linguistic exploration.

Don't miss out on this riveting episode, where the past, present and future of corpus linguistics converge through the lens of Sketch Engine. Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Dr Miloš Jakubíček, available here and on all major podcast platforms.

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