Aston University fraud specialist continues ongoing engagement with UK Government

Aston University fraud specialist continues ongoing engagement with UK Government

October 19, 20233 min read
  • Dr Rasha Kassem advises UK government on countering fraud through the Government Counter Fraud Profession (GCFP) advisory group
  • She shapes policies to combat £33 billion annual losses
  • Dr Kassem influences fraud standards and shares vital research.

Dr Rasha Kassem, a fraud specialist based at Aston Business School, remains actively engaged with the UK government through her advisory role in the Government Counter Fraud Profession (GCFP) advisory group.

This advisory group, a vital component of the Government Counter Fraud Function, collaborates with cross-sector experts to shape policies and strategies aimed at countering fraud and other financial crimes.

The Government Counter Fraud Profession Strategy 2023-25 underscores the severity of fraud within the public sector, estimating losses at a minimum of £33 billion annually due to fraud and error. As a dedicated member of the GCFP Cross Sector Advisory Group, Dr Kassem plays a pivotal role in advising and supporting the development of policies to combat these financial crimes.

The GCFP serves as a professional body for counter-fraud experts within central government and beyond. Its mission is to unite the counter-fraud community under a common framework of standards, fostering growth and development to safeguard public services and combat economic crime.

Dr Kassem's involvement in the advisory group holds significant impact, influencing the establishment of knowledge, skills and experience requirements for fraud professionals across various disciplines and levels. Additionally, she contributes to the publication of influential fraud research in the Public Sector Counter Fraud Journal and addresses UK government fraud conferences on recent research findings.

Dr Kassem also collaborates with experts from diverse sectors to bridge training gaps, all while engaging in discussions through regular group meetings.

The Government Counter Fraud Profession operates under the umbrella of the Public Sector Fraud Authority (PSFA), established in August 2022. The GCFP is positioned within the Practice, Standards, and Capability Function of the Authority. The PSFA, a collective effort by 17 public sector organisations, adheres to core principles of building capability, with the GCFP taking a lead role in advancing structures and services.

Dr Kassem emphasises the critical nature of engaging with policymakers through knowledge exchange activities to amplify research impact. Her active participation in UK Government fraud conferences and contributions to the Public Sector Counter Fraud Journal serve to raise awareness on prevailing fraud issues. Furthermore, her feedback on existing and new fraud guidance aids the GCFP in crafting professional standards and guidance for countering fraud.

Dr Kassem has been a valued member of the Cross-Sector Advisory Group of the UK Government Counter Fraud Profession since 2019.

Dr Kassem said:

“Collaborating with the UK government through the Government Counter Fraud Profession has been a rewarding journey.
“It's through these engagements that we're shaping policies and standards to counter fraud and protect public resources.
“The recent Annual GCFP conference was well attended by fraud investigators, law enforcement, and regulators from the public sector. My presentation was well received and some participants said it was wildly fascinating to hear the striking reality that insider fraud can be, especially in UK policing, given its impact on policing integrity and legitimacy. The presentation opened their eyes to the risk of insider fraud and its impact.
“Together, we're making a significant impact on the battle against financial crime.”

For further information and to explore Dr Kassem's recent research, click here.

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