How Vulnerable Are America’s Water Systems to Outside Attack? | Media Advisory

How Vulnerable Are America’s Water Systems to Outside Attack? | Media Advisory

March 25, 20241 min read

The security of America's water systems is an issue of national importance, touching on the well-being and safety of millions. This topic gains urgency as it ties into broader concerns about infrastructure vulnerability, cyber-terrorism, and the readiness of public utilities to handle emerging threats. In light of recent breaches and heightened geopolitical tensions, the resilience of these essential systems is not just a matter of public safety but also of national security. Exploring this issue offers insights into:

  • Cybersecurity measures for water supply systems
  • The impact of climate change on water system resilience
  • Federal and state responses to infrastructure threats
  • Public health implications of water system breaches
  • The role of technology in safeguarding against attacks

Connect with an Expert about the Security of America's Water Systems

For journalists seeking research or insights for their coverage about the Security of America's Water Systems, here is a select list of experts from our database.

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Seth Hamman  

Director, Center for the Advancement of Cybersecurity and Associate Professor of Cyber Operations and Computer Science - Cedarville University

David Bader

Distinguished Professor, Data Science · New Jersey Institute of Technology

Vladlena Benson

Professor of Cybersecurity Management · Aston University

William Hatcher

Chair of the Department of Social Sciences · Augusta University

TJ O’Connor, LTC (Ret.)

Assistant Professor, Cybersecurity Program Chair | Computer Engineering and Sciences · Florida Tech

                                                                                                                                                            Photo by: Adi Goldstein

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