Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson Day | Media Advisory

Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson Day | Media Advisory

April 15, 20242 min read

Today professional baseball commemorate Jackie Robinson Day, where the league, players and fans across the world not only honor a baseball legend but also celebrate a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle for racial equality and social justice.

This day marks Robinson's historic debut in Major League Baseball on April 15, 1947, breaking the sport's color barrier and paving the way for future generations. Beyond its significance in sports history, Jackie Robinson Day serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of one individual's courage and determination in challenging systemic racism. Key story angles for journalists to explore include:

  • Legacy of Jackie Robinson: Reflecting on his contributions to sports and civil rights activism.
  • Continuing fight for racial equality in sports: Examining current initiatives and challenges in promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Impact of Robinson's legacy beyond baseball: Exploring his influence on other fields such as business, politics, and social activism.
  • Diversity in Major League Baseball today: Assessing progress and remaining barriers for minority players and personnel.
  • Educational initiatives inspired by Jackie Robinson: Highlighting programs that use his legacy to teach lessons of tolerance, resilience, and leadership.
  • Intersection of sports and social justice: Investigating how athletes and sports organizations continue to advocate for change on and off the field.

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Associate Professor · Carnegie Mellon University

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Professor of Marketing· Emory University, Goizueta Business School

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