America's Most Endangered Rivers | Media Advisory

America's Most Endangered Rivers | Media Advisory

April 16, 20242 min read

Every year, the release of America's Most Endangered Rivers List serves as a critical wake-up call, drawing attention to the urgent need to protect our nation's waterways and the communities that depend on them. As threats to our rivers continue to escalate due to pollution, overdevelopment, and climate change, this annual report highlights the importance of preserving these vital ecosystems for current and future generations. Here are key story angles for journalists to explore:

  • Environmental impacts of river degradation: Investigating the consequences of pollution, habitat destruction, and water scarcity on wildlife and local communities.
  • Economic implications of river conservation: Analyzing the economic benefits of healthy rivers for industries such as tourism, agriculture, and recreation.
  • Community activism and river conservation efforts: Showcasing grassroots initiatives and advocacy campaigns aimed at protecting and restoring endangered rivers.
  • Government policies and river management: Assessing the effectiveness of current regulations and resource management strategies in safeguarding our waterways.
  • Indigenous perspectives on river stewardship: Highlighting indigenous knowledge and traditional practices related to river conservation and sustainability.
  • Climate change and the future of America's rivers: Exploring how rising temperatures and extreme weather events are exacerbating threats to river health and resilience.

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For journalists with questions or looking to cover todays' release of America's Most Endangered Rivers List, here is a select list of experts.

To search our full list of experts visit

Colin J. Gleason

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering · University of Massachusetts Amherst

Alan Clarke

Hydrological Services Leader · Global Water Experts

Michael C. Slattery

Professor, Department Chair and Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies · Texas Christian University

AJ Reisinger

Assistant Professor · University of Florida

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