MEDIA RELEASE: More than half of Manitobans think roads are not safe – CAA survey

MEDIA RELEASE: More than half of Manitobans think roads are not safe – CAA survey

June 6, 20243 min read

A recent member survey conducted by CAA Manitoba (CAA MB) found that 43 per cent of cyclists who are members have been involved in a collision or a near-collision while riding their bike. The survey also found that 63 per cent of Manitobans think the roads are unsafe for all users. These statistics reinforce CAA Manitoba's continuous call for cyclists and motorists to share the road this summer regardless of whether they drive, bike or walk.

"As more Manitobans rely on cars and bikes to get around, we all need to do our part to share the road safely," says Ewald Friesen, manager government and community relations for CAA Manitoba. "We must all remain vigilant and considerate to ensure everyone reaches their destinations safely."

In the survey, the top three poor motorist behaviours identified included,

• Aggressive drivers (56 per cent)

• Drivers not looking for cyclists when turning corners (55 per cent)

• Drivers not looking for cyclists when opening their doors, aka "dooring" (47 per cent)

The most common poor cycling behaviours identified were,

• Not stopping at stop signs (85 per cent)

• Rolling through stop signs (84 per cent)

• Not signaling when intending to turn (80 per cent)

• Not stopping at traffic signals (76 per cent)

"Both cyclists and motorists have identified behaviours on the road that can be improved," adds Friesen. "While motorist behaviour is a safety concern for cyclists, our members also see cyclists doing things like not stopping at stop signs and not signaling turns. We can all be part of the solution, whether driving or biking, by looking out for each other and using clear signals."

As warmer, summer-like weather rolls in, CAA Manitoba is reminding drivers to maintain a one-metre distance from cyclists, signal clearly, and check mirrors and blind spots before turning or changing lanes. Cyclists should equip their bikes with bells or horns and add reflectors for improved visibility and safety.

Some additional key findings from the survey show that:

• Only 46 per cent of Manitoban cyclists say they typically wear a helmet, while 35 per cent say they never do.

• 61 per cent of Manitobans think that too little information is available about cycling and sharing the road.

CAA Manitoba is participating in two community events this month to encourage bike riding and road safety. On Saturday, June 1, Bike Tune-Up Day, CAA MB provided free tune-ups and maintenance tips in partnership with Bike Winnipeg, The WRENCH and Valour Community Centre. CAA Manitoba is also the presenting sponsor for Bike to Work Day and will host a Pit Stop on June 11, 2024, on the southwest lawn behind the Manitoba Legislature.

CAA Manitoba has more safety tips for drivers and cyclists on its website at

The online survey was conducted among CAA members in Manitoba and south-central Ontario from July 20 to August 3, 2023, with 361 responses from Manitoba, including 183 cyclists and 178 non-cyclists. Based on the sample size and the confidence level 95 per cent), the margin of error for this study was +/- 5 per cent.

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