Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus Crisis Coronavirus Crisis


A deadly new respiratory illness that originated in Wuhan, China has so far killed more than 130 people and sickened 6,000 people. The outbreak has spread to more than a dozen countries, including several confirmed cases in the United States. 

U.S. health officials suggest people see their doctor if they have symptoms worse than the common cold and have recently traveled to or been in contact with someone who has been in the Wuhan region.

Public health expert Anthony Santella, DrPH, an expert on infectious disease, is available to discuss the scope of the outbreak and how the public can minimize exposure to the virus.  Watch this video to learn the top three things Professor Santella says you should know about the Wuhan coronavirus:   

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  • Anthony Santella
    Anthony Santella Associate Professor, Public Health

    Professor Santella is a public health educator with specialties in sexual/LGBTQ health, dental health, and HIV research.

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