What are the 4 levels of expertise?

What are the 4 levels of expertise?

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Peter Evans

Co-Founder & CEO,  ExpertFile

Understanding how to promote expertise is a fast emerging area for organizations – and it’s certainly more ambiguous than the linear career paths and job titles we’re used to. When we think of which experts are most accessible to our audiences, it’s important to know that visibility is not directly correlated to seniority or authority in an organization. Professionals at various levels of skill, knowledge and experience are now using social networks and personal branding to promote their own expertise outside of their organizations. This means that a tenured professor with years of experience and a researcher could both be at the same level of “visibility” in their organization.

Because visibility also considers the individual’s personal agenda and drive for recognition, many employers agree they have to do a better job of assessing and nurturing expertise to make it more visible. The following framework provides some guidance for organizations looking to take inventory and develop a path for the people focused on developing relevant content and building market visibility with a variety of audiences.

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