Who qualifies as an expert?

Who qualifies as an expert? Who qualifies as an expert?

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Peter Evans

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By definition, an expert is someone with comprehensive or authoritative knowledge in a particular area of study. While formal education and certifications are a starting point for expertise, many disciplines don’t have a set list of criteria to measure expertise against. There are many dimensions of expertise that relate not just to the working proficiency of an expert in their field but also to the degree of influence and authority they have earned within their profession or community of practice. Because of this, expertise is often looked at as a person’s cumulative training, skills, research, and experience.

What’s important to consider is all of the roles that the people in your organization can play. While many of these people have put in their 10,000 hours, not everyone is wired to speak on podiums or to the media. But they still hold incredible value – from the perspectives they can help you research and develop to the content they can help produce. Here are some of the key attributes to look for in assessing the various roles for your people as you formulate an expertise marketing plan:

  1. Authority: Has a reputation with an audience as a go-to source for perspectives
  2. Advocate: Demonstrates a commitment to a community of practice to help advance their field
  3. Educator: Teaches and inspires on the podium or in the classroom
  4. Author: Develops content to establish their reputation and reach a broader audience
  5. Researcher: Generates unique insights through their research or fieldwork
  6. Practitioner: Actively builds knowledge in a specific discipline or practice area by providing services
  7. Graduate: Has formal education or gained experience to achieve proficiency in a subject
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