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Wave Accounting Inc. Wave Accounting Inc.

235 Carlaw Avenue, Suite 601, Toronto, M4M 2S1, ON, CA


Wave is a 100% free online accounting application for small businesses. Wave lets you easily keep track of your business and personal finances, with minimum work by you. You'll love that it's easy. Your accountant will love that it's complete and accurate. And best of all, Wave is 10% free. What’s our secret? - We made Wave easy to use - We filled Wave with tools that save you time (and we’re constantly working on more) - We offer free support for all of your questions Our mission is to help you, the small business owner, be more successful. How? By letting you do your thing. You already have enough to look after, so back-office tasks should never waste your valuable time. With Wave Accounting and Wave Payroll, we’ve created integrated tools that clear your plate for the work you really want to do. Wave Accounting launched in November 2010, and is signing up tens of thousands of new small business customers per month, with users in more than 200 countries! Wave Accounting is an intuitive, 100% free, easy to use accounting application that’s built for small business owners, not accountants. (Actually, accountants love us too! In fact, we have our own Pro Network just for accountants.) Wave Payroll launched in Canada in February 2012. The U.S. version of Wave Payroll is expected in mid-2012. Wave Payroll lets you pay your employees by direct deposit, and manage all your deductions without ever touching a tax calculator again. It’s available for a low, everything-included price, with no setup fees or hidden costs. We’ve been recognized with various industry awards, including the Deloitte Companies-to-Watch Award, and the People’s Choice at CIX. Wave Accounting features include: invoicing, expense tracking, dashboards, reports and more. 100% free. No more shoeboxes and spreadsheets. Wave takes away the pain and the wasted time, so you can focus on... well... anything else that matters to you.





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James Lochrie

James Lochrie

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

When the numbers don't add up, an experienced business accountant with entrepreneurial savvy is just what you need to balance the books

Rob Maurin

Rob Maurin

VP of Community, Content and Communications

With evangelical fervor and some cake, I guide best practices in generating user-friendly content for online communication and engagement

Seo and Sem Website Monetization and Business Development Product Development Editing for Website Communication

Kirk Simpson

Kirk Simpson

Co-Founder and CEO

Accounting start-up pioneer and digital media strategist who creates unique opportunities for different products to complement each other

Business Planning Strategic Planning Best Practices Entrepreneurship

Scott Zandbergen

Scott Zandbergen

VP, New Products & Professional Network Development

Executive VP who bridges the fields of accounting software and product management to develop and market dynamic user-friendly products

Pragmatic Marketing Methodology Product Lifecycle Management Agile Software Development Organizational Change Building Customer Loyalty

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