Always Keep Families Together. Separation Damages Children.

Always Keep Families Together. Separation Damages Children.

June 21, 20181 min read

The ongoing situation in America’s border towns with the detention and separation of thousands of children from their parents is both highly damaging for children and unnecessary. The actions of American authorities who are enforcing the ‘zero-tolerance’ policies have led to outcries from world leaders, American politicians and a large segment of the public.

The following is a statement from Shannon Senefeld, Senior Vice President, Overseas Operations, Catholic Relief Services.

“At Catholic Relief Services, keeping children with their parents is always one of our paramount goals. That’s true in emergencies, in health crises, in all of our long-term work combatting poverty and working to end the institutionalization of children. The research is clear – separating children from their families causes lasting mental, and even physical damage. Family support is vital for all children, especially those fleeing violence or dire poverty. “

As a Clinical Psychologist and with a long career working with vulnerable children around the world, Shannon Senefeld can speak with authority on why the ongoing situation with the separation of families on the US border. She can also speak to the root causes that propel families to migrate in the first place, such as rampant gang violence and poverty in Central America.

Shannon is available to speak with media. For an interview – simply click on her icon to contact her and arrange a time.


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