Vielight Pilot Study Featured in AARP Magazine

Vielight Pilot Study Featured in AARP Magazine

October 14, 20181 min read

Light Therapy Offers Bright New Remedies for Alzheimers

The Vielight technology and pilot study was mentioned in an article by the American Association for Retired People. Dr Hamblin, a principal investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, spoke briefly about the pilot study’s protocol and results in 2015. For more information please reference the work Vielight is doing to investigate the benefits of photobiomodulation in the following:

Read the AARP article here : Link

Read our 2015 pilot study here : Link

Current Vielight clinical trials : Link

Disclaimer: Please note that the technologies are still being studied in clinical trials are not approved by any national regulatory body for the treatment of specific medical conditions.

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