MEDIA RELEASE: Road safety in the cannabis era

MEDIA RELEASE: Road safety in the cannabis era

February 1, 20191 min read

At CAA South Central Ontario, what we're focused on, day in and day out, is how to keep our roads and road users safe.

One of our objectives is dispelling common myths about cannabis. This includes the claim that driving under the influence of cannabis is safer than driving after consuming alcohol or the belief that cannabis can sharpen one's ability behind the wheel.

The potential for a collision increases in direct proportion to THC levels (the main intoxicant in cannabis) in our body. This means that cannabis significantly impacts the driver's cognitive and motor functions, which in turn affects decision-making and judgment.

We must remember that driving is a privilege, not a right. The legal response to impairment is strict and swift. But we must also keep in mind that, much like our education around seatbelts and alcohol, it will take time to change habits. It's important to be smart with our choices and to tap into the lessons we've already learned. This includes appointing a designated driver if you're planning on using cannabis, finding an alternative to get to your destination and ensuring we have conversations around the dangers of cannabis with new drivers in our families.

Communities across Ontario are working hard to keep our roads safe. Today we face tremendous opportunity to ensure we continue on that path, but our goal is only possible if we make public education key to our efforts. We hope you join us.

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  • Elliott Silverstein
    Elliott Silverstein Director, Government Relations, Insurance

    Elliott manages and executes key elements of CAA’s provincial advocacy role, and overseeing municipal advocacy efforts.

  • Teresa Di Felice
    Teresa Di Felice Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations

    Teresa oversees CAA SCO's advocacy and community relations efforts in Ontario.

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