Will e-cigarettes and vaping be the next addictions epidemic to sweep across America?

Will e-cigarettes and vaping be the next addictions epidemic to sweep across America? Will e-cigarettes and vaping be the next addictions epidemic to sweep across America?

October 29, 20192 min read

In a recent op-ed, David T. Courtwright, Ph.D., an author and addiction specialist opined that there’s a market to getting people hooked on substances and that e-cigarettes are the next big problem facing America.


"I had just finished a new book on addiction when the vaping crisis erupted. The gist of the book is that that globalization, industrialization, mass marketing, digitization, and social media have turned the ancient human preoccupation with disreputable, potentially addictive pleasures into lucrative, commercially normal enterprises. Bad habits have been McDonaldized.

Vaping couldn’t have been a more perfect example of this.

I call those who help make bad habits routine “limbic capitalists,” a reference to their products’ neural common denominator. Whether they sell junk food, porn, slots, computer games, alcohol, or drugs, they target the limbic system, the brain networks responsible for pleasure, motivation, long-term memory, and other survival functions linked to emotions.

Biological evolution shaped the limbic system, which is indispensable for life and reproduction. But cultural evolution and technological change created a trapdoor. The same neural pathways can be exploited — lethally — by entrepreneurs of brain-rewarding products that foster excessive consumption and addictive behavior."  October 28, 2019 – STAT

There has been growing concern, awareness and news coverage about e-cigarettes and the dangers they present. As well, industry spin-doctors and public health advocates have been in overdrive trying to convince politicians about the pros and cons of legislation and regulation for these products.

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Dr. Marc Sweeney  is an expert specializing in drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, Opioid addiction, medical marijuana & related issues.

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