COVID-19 and a sustainable transition

COVID-19 and a sustainable transition

April 2, 20201 min read

As the COVID-19 pandemic touches almost every aspect of society, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the slowdowns and shutdowns may inadvertently enable us to shape a new conception of prosperity and good livelihood. 

What has the global slowdown meant for the environment and sustainable living, and what could it mean if some of the radical changes in our everyday lifestyles and consumption habits persisted long-term?

As Maurie Cohen, professor in New Jersey Institute of Technology's department of humanities, explains, "Since we are all living through this unique moment, observing the responses by government, businesses and ordinary people, it marks an opportune time to explore if these changes can provide leverage points for opening pathways to a sustainability transition."

The topic attracted a diverse group of scientists, economists, educators and hundreds more around the world virtually during a live webinar titled, “COVID-19 Can Help Wealthier Nations Prepare for a Sustainability Transition.” The open forum-style event, organized by researchers from the international sustainability organization FutureEarth, set up an online discussion on the major global sustainability trends and issues that have evolved in recent months alongside the coronavirus outbreak. Read more:

Cohen is available to speak with media directly on issues related to COVID-19 and sustainability. To arrange an interview, click on the button below. 

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