MEDIA RELEASE: What CAA members need to know about the highway tow zone pilot program

MEDIA RELEASE: What CAA members need to know about the highway tow zone pilot program

December 9, 20212 min read

As Ontario’s new highway tow zone pilot launches on Monday, CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is reinforcing its commitment to ensure members are safe no matter the location.

“CAA members should be confident knowing that if they find themselves stuck in one of the tow zones, we are here to help as always,” says Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice-president of government and community relations. “As a CAA member, call us and we will help navigate the rescue with the appropriate tow provider.”

Getting stuck on the side of the road can be an intimidating situation. CAA's best advice is first to assess your situation and if it's an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, we are encouraging members to press *222, and CAA will help coordinate a rescue, either with one of CAA’s tow providers or through MTO, depending on the situation.

CAA has a commitment to road and consumer safety in Ontario. Every year CAA SCO responds to over 1.2 million rescue calls and of that number, only about 2 per cent of our calls originate in these zones.

“At CAA, our mission is to help you stay safe, mobile and protected. That’s why we want you to know that if you find yourself in need of a tow in one of the designated pilot program tow zones, we will be here to help make the process safe and easy,” says Di Felice.

In a survey conducted in August 2021 by CAA SCO, 93 per cent of members agree that roadside assistance providers, like CAA, should be permitted to operate in regulated highway towing sections of the GTHA highways.

If an MTO tow zone approved provider needs to remove your vehicle, CAA will cover the cost of your tow based on the limits of your membership level.

For over a decade, CAA has been advocating for towing industry reforms and working towards greater consumer protection.

Motorists should also ensure that they know their rights. In 2018 CAA created the

Towing Bill of Rights, a glove box reference card, to help avoid any confusion regarding motorists' rights when they need towing services.

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    Teresa Di Felice Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations

    Teresa oversees CAA SCO's advocacy and community relations efforts in Ontario.

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