Sustainable consumption in the age of CO2

Sustainable consumption in the age of CO2

May 31, 20221 min read

Experts like NJIT’s Maurie Cohen are looking beyond electric cars and alternative sources of energy to combat the rapid rise of carbon dioxide emissions. Their approach is more fundamental and societal, touching everything from the size of our homes to where we work and what we buy.

The global pandemic sparked new ways of living and working, bringing previously niche approaches into the mainstream, including:

  • Working from home
  • Tiny houses
  • Local swap meets
  • Live nomadically, work digitally

Cohen, co-founder of the international Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative and author of “The Future of Consumer Society,” is no newcomer to such ideas. He has studied sustainable consumption and its relationship to environmental policy for 20+ years, bringing a long-term perspective to addressing the carbon crisis.

As seen in stories from Fortune, Fast Company, Vice and Yahoo News, Cohen can speak cogently about the implications of behavioral trends such as Facebook “no buy” groups, digital nomads and the shift toward working from home.

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    Maurie Cohen Professor, Humanities

    Maurie's research is centered in the field of environmental/sustainability social science

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