The demands of fast fulfillment

The demands of fast fulfillment 
The demands of fast fulfillment

May 31, 20221 min read

Consumers now expect packages to arrive in hours, perhaps days but not weeks. Amazon fueled this demand with the promise of speedy delivery of nearly everything you can buy online. Indeed, your doorstep now rivals the loading dock as the main destination for goods.

Supply chains are the key to such quick turnarounds: in short, how items move from manufacturers to distributors to consumers. Any hiccups along the way exasperates our increasingly demanding consumers. In short, they want fulfillment to be as easy as clicking to buy something online.

Through years of research and experience, NJIT’s Sanchoy Das has become an expert on fast fulfillment, even writing a book on it. It continues to evolve, however, with the prospect of drone deliveries on the horizon. He’s versed on that as well, making him an ideal source for stories that explain how goods and services are delivered in our on-demand economy. Specifically, Sanchoy can explain

  • Logistics
  • Breakdowns in supply chains
  • Industrial engineering
  • Business operations management
  • Data-driven technology

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    Sanchoy Das Professor

    Sanchoy Das's current research is primarily focused on supply chains and healthcare systems.

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